Bill Carney
Director of Chattanooga Woodworking Academy

About Bill Carney

Bill Carney, director of CWA, is many things: a gifted teacher, a painstaking restorer of historic log cabins, a master of the fine art of woodcraft and furniture making, a man possessed with the vision and dedication to ensure the profession of handcrafted woodworking is passed down to the next generation. Early in his career, he taught high school shop courses in Oak Ridge and Sequoyah Tennessee before leaving to start his own wood working business.

He has owned and operated a sawmill, built custom homes, and owned and managed a woodworking company. His “Daisy-Made” furniture, has sold all over the country.

Bill is deeply rooted in the history of Eastern Tennessee and has restored and rebuilt several remarkable log buildings that have been recognized for their historic and cultural significance.

You can contact Bill at:

Phone: 423-842-1469