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CWA Graduates 1st Class

The Chattanooga Woodworking Academy has graduated its first class of beginning craftsmen.

The school, which is a four-year program that teaches students up until they are master woodworkers, began in 2013.

The first class consisted of five students: Nathan Govig, Derek Phillips, Jordan Schilleman, Gray Pumpelly and Dustin Clark. They are lead by instructor Bill Carney.

“This is our first class we’ve graduated and we’re proud of them,” said Carney. “They work on becoming masters of carpentry and can build log houses from hand, from the ground up.”

In the first two years of the school, the students become a master of the axe — they are taught to be experts in the sharpening and use of the broad ax, pole ax, 3/4 ax and the foot adze.

After graduating from the first program, the students will move on to the final two years, when they will refine their craft and become masters of furniture making.

Source : Weekly Community News
Published by: Meghan Pittman
Published on: 25th March, 2015
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