Chattanooga Woodworking Academy

Developing master woodworking skills!

About cwa

The Chattanooga Woodworking Academy is a non-profit professional woodworking school that trains individuals to become master woodworkers, able to shape wood for any purpose – from building log cabins to creating fine furniture.
The program is a four-year course of study where the training is hands-on and students participate in professional commission work from the beginning, as their skills develop. Students learn craftsmanship from the ground up, starting with hand tools, and then power tools as they progress.
Classes are built around a half-day schedule so students can intern and take jobs in the woodworking profession.  Class schedule is from 8 am to 12, noon, Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday are left open for students to take part-time work.

Under the leadership of Director Bill Carney, a nationally known award-winning woodworker and teacher in Eastern Tennessee, CWA has made a significant impact in the greater Chattanooga woodworking industry.

The academy is located in the heart of Chattanooga, TN.  The school calendar is based on the typical academic school year.  The workshop is the classroom, where most of the training takes place.  Students will also go to various job sites for off campus projects. Training is hands-on, project oriented.  Students advance by completing projects and demonstrating required skills. Students will act professionally from the start, maintaining their workspaces, following safety procedures, and accountable for the reputation of the school. Students are encouraged to take jobs / commissions as they acquire necessary skills based on recommendation from school director.


The Chattanooga Woodworking Academy will develop Master Woodworkers, skilled in all aspects of the profession. Graduates will have business and marketing acumen to promote themselves and their products in the marketplace, will know how to set up and efficiently run a wodworking shop for building furniture, cabinets, milling, etc., and will possess the skills and craftsmanship to produce the highest quality of woodwork. Further, graduates will be able to work in the field in the capacity of Manager, Designer, Project Manager, or highly skilled Master Craftsman.