Summer 2022 Hobby Class

Price: $600

When: Wednesday nights (6-8) and Saturday mornings (8-11)

Dates: June 1st, 4th, 8th, 11th, 22nd, 25th, 29th & July 2nd

Minimum of 5 students and maximum 10 students

What: Traditional Carpenters Toolbox

In this 20 hour course you will learn the essential skills needed to build a handcrafted traditional carpenter’s box using mostly hand tools. We will provide all material and equipment (expect for your personal pocket knife, pencil, and tape measure).

Skills covered:
• Layout
• Measuring
• Types of wood
• Characteristics of wood
• How moisture effects wood
• How to sharpen a variety of tools
• Using a jack plane
• Using a spoke shave
• Using a draw knife
• Using chisels
• Using bandsaw
• Using dovetail saw
• How to cut a variety of joinery:
• Dovetail
• Mortise & Tenon
• Spline
• Dado
• Using a traditional shave horse to shape that handle
• Assembly and glue up
• How to properly sand and finish

Must have every class:
• Pencil
• Pocket size tape measure
• ~4-4.5 inch Pocket knife of good quality ( can be purchased at Frost Cutlery)

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